Experienced Court Reporting

Our highly trained court reporters are fully certified and have the skills you need to keep your case running as smoothly as possible. Rest assured, the reporters working with you will be fully capable of fulfilling your needs and have experience with a diverse range of cases similar to those you’re currently working on.

Real-time court reporters

Our Court Reporters are capable of providing real-time transcripts during testimonies and depositions. Having these transcripts available in real time allows you to re-read what was just said and to come away from the deposition or testimony with a rough transcript you can immediately put it to use. It also allows you to have access to a physical document you can begin marking up, to denote key sections and create outlines for your own legal strategies on the case.

If you require verbatim Court Reporting services from an experienced, Certified Court Reporter, contact National Court Reporters, Inc. today to schedule a deposition.

Certified Court Reporters
Certified Court Reporters to keep your case running as smoothly as possible