Legal professionals Nationally and Internationally know the importance of working with a reliable, verbatim court reporting team. 

We represent over 40 years of court reporting services experience. Our commitment to quality work and dedicated service has made National Court Reporters, Inc. a Court Reporting firm you can trust.

Our team is here for you 24/7, combining a wide range of court reporting, legal video, remote-ZOOM depositions, trials, arbitrations, hearings, and litigation support services with the latest technologies to meet your Complex Litigation needs. It is our pleasure to serve you.

 Court Reporting Services For Your Law Firm

Our dedicated national and international teams are certified and skilled in complex litigation which often requires intensive judicial management. Your complex cases, often accommodating multiple parties, multiple attorneys, geographically dispersed plaintiffs and defendants, various expert witnesses and complex/technical subject testimonies, are a distinctive area of services in which we excel.

Contact National Court Reporters Inc Toll Free at 888.800.9656 Schedule our certified court reporters/stenographers, legal videographers, video conferencing experts, and certified interpreters now online. Deposition/Arbitration suites available.


Our Litigation/Trial Support Services are available Nationally and Internationally within the public and private legal sectors.


Our Certified Court Reporters, Legal Videographers and Language Interpreters, deliver prompt, verbatim transcripts and crisp, clean videos.


Our Team is available to You from Deposition to Trial, Arbitration to Settlement. Contact Us toll free for professional assistance.

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