Complete Litigation Support Services

More than just court reporting and videography services, National Court Reporters Inc. aims to provide complete litigation support to its legal partners. Turn to us for complete trial assistance, both before and during the case.

Expert witness testimony

Court reporters are an invaluable resource during expert witness testimony sessions. These witnesses often provide crucial pieces of evidence during case proceedings, so it is important to have highly accurate and immediate transcriptions. 

It helps to prepare your court reporter in advance with the name and title of your expert witness, and to have a reporter who is familiar with the practice area in question so they will understand industry/legal jargon related to the case.

Complex Litigation Support

Conference Rooms

When you require a private, convenient space to depose a witness or prep your client, turn to us for deposition suites. We offer convenient accommodations and will make sure you have the uninterrupted time needed to build your case.

Process Service

Rely on us to serve subpoenas to persons of importance within your case. No matter the nature of the trial or the person in question, we’ll make sure they get their summons without fail.

Trial support

When your in-house support staff is busy with other caseloads, count on us to provide all the essential stand-in services, including data preparation, trial presentation, exhibit creation and more.

Litigation support specialist

Our specialists handle everything from planning your pretrial proceedings to booking conference rooms to providing travel support. Our goal is to provide you with complete litigation support in a manner that benefits the preparation and execution of your case.


With certified notary publics available through our network, you’re never far from the help you need. We’ll notarize the legal documents you have on-hand so you can proceed in filing them appropriately.

If you require any of the above services, performed by knowledgeable experts, waste no time in contacting National Court Reporters Inc. today.