Translation and Interpretation Services

If your case involves testimony or depositions that require certified translation or interpretation capabilities and services, or if you need to have documents translated or interpreted, our team is capable of handling those tasks for you. 

As a large national (and international) court reporting service, we have access to translation and interpreting specialists, capable of translating dozens of different languages into English or another language of choice.

This is, of course, crucial for any case involving international disputes, as well as in any types of legal cases involving people who do not speak English as their first language. The accuracy of these translated transcriptions is crucial, so you can understand exactly what the person providing the testimony said and how it could affect your case.

How does it work?

You can either have an interpreter at a live deposition with you with the court reporter then transcribing the interpreter’s translation. Or, you can have the court reporter create a recording and then have the audio translated and transcribed immediately afterward.

For more information about our translation and interpretation services, contact us today at National Court Reporters, Inc. by clicking the button below to schedule a deposition. 
Translation and Interpretation services
We have access to translation and interpreting specialists with a vast of amount of experience.